Cheetas in slowmo

Eadweard Muybridge, eat your heart out. This stunning footage was shot by Gregory Wilson (and crew) using a Phantom camera running at 1200 fps. Notice the steadyness of the head; reminds me of the birdcam and hunting falcon videos that were making the rounds a few weeks ago.

  Another thing that I find fascinting about this (and slow-motion video in general) is that we get to see another reality for a while. In our unenhanced world, some of what is happening in these videos just doesn’t exist. If you watched the cat run by in real life, you wouldn’t notice the clenching and unclenching of the toes, the little particles of dirt and grass, the riffle of its fur In the breeze. Imagine for a moment that you lived on snail-time: there might not be any cat at all. The way we perceive time is likely not the way it’s perceived by other creatures.