Quinntet at Nissi's Album Covers

I went and shot the Quinntet jazz combo at the same venue as last year. Got some good stuff and tried my hand at faking together some album covers. Click the images to rotate through the gallery.

Frames from an Undisclosed Location

I was recently a guest at a place I can't mention. I got a few disparate shots.

Butterfly Pavilion

I spent a few hours looking at bugs with my friend Olivia. It was -4˚F outside and 84˚F inside We stayed as ling as we could, and then headed to Tangerine for a delicious late lunch.

Denver Art Museum

Walked through the Denver Art Musem with my family the other day. Endless angles.

Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus

Just as fun as it was when I was a boy.

Boulder County Fair

Spent some time with the estimable Jeff Curry at the Boulder County Fair. Here are a few frames.


Look what I found in the backyard! Haven't seen one in years.

The Quinn-Tet at Nissi's

Great jazz at a local nightclub.

Nellie Lee Quinn - Voice Mike Lenssen - Trumpet Mike Robinson - Guitar Myles Sloniker - Bass Kevin Matthews - Drums

Paper Poppy

A living flower that looks as if it was made from paper.